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Get Yourself Noticed!

If you’re serious about taking your game to the next level, playing college sports and getting early exposure to colleges and recruiters, then E-RECRUITS is the place for you!!!

For years, you have trained hard to become the best athlete possible.  You’ve spent countless hours in the weight room, at practice, and studying the game in an effort to prepare to become a collegiate athlete.  Now is the time to be proactive and get yourself noticed by developing your player profile through e-Recruits and get the personal attention that only Premier Amateur Sports provides our athletes.

Premier Amateur Sports LLC, has provided amateur athletes with high quality "Premier" sporting events throughout the East Coast.   The Premier Amateur Sports' professional staff has managed a variety of sports tournaments, multi-sports festivals, and championship events for over 30 years. From grass-roots community events to National Championships, Premier Amateur Sports always develops amateur sporting events with the athletes, coaches, and families as our top priority.

Throughout our 2010-2011 season, our participating athletes and many of our College Coaches that attend our events have requested more ways to recognize the athletes that attend our programs.  So it is my pleasure to tell you We Have Listened!

Welcome to e-RECRUITS!

E-RECRUITS is available to ALL ATHLETES that have a desire to become a collegiate athlete.  ALL SPORTS are recognized by E-RECRUITS from basketball to wrestling – if you want to play college sports – E-RECRUITS can help you get noticed!!!

What is e-RECRUITS?

e-RECRUITS allows you to create a “Virtual Showcase” made up of your personal profile, photos, and videos (Highlights) of your athletic career.  One of the unique qualities of               e-RECRUITS is that you are able to update your player profile page as many times as you desire and at any time you choose – without any additional fees.

Everything is Completely Customizable!!! You can create your profile or allow one of our staff members to create it for you.

Your Personal E-RECRUITS Page Includes:
· Personal Bio
· Pictures
· Video
· Updated Stats
· Social Network  (Athletes Only)
· You Can Take Your Bio With you...Easy to print PDF file!

How will e-RECRUITS help you get Recruited?

e-RECRUITS will support you in the development of your player profile.  We gather specific information that college coaches and admissions personnel have requested from us that highlights your athletic and academic successes. 

Once your player profile is complete, we then notify the colleges you have requested through both email and a personalized letter with your profile to the coaches.  We also send out monthly updates to all coaches in your sport in DI, DII, and DIII institutions the number of new athletes that have registered with e-RECRUITS.  Coaches are able to search our database anytime to scout new talent in their sport.  An e-RECRUIT participant is able to be seen by coaches that they may have never thought of before – it may just be the perfect fit for you!

e-RECRUITS as a Social Network!

e-RECRUITS is also a social network made up of members who are only athletes and/or coaches!  Communicate with athletes from throughout the country that share your same interest – playing college sports!  Share sports tips, recruiting insights, and your passion for the game with athletes and coaches that love sports as much as you!

Please Call For More Information 570-760-0350

Email: erecruits@premiersportingevents.com for more information.